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Another One Bites the Dust

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy? Were you excited about Final Fantasy Versus XIII? I was. Let’s just make a note of that word there. WAS. After seeing game play trailers of Versus XIII I was very excited about the game’s future release and the prospect of a decent next-gen Final Fantasy. If you were too then prepare to be disappointed. Square Enix have dropped Versus XIII in favour of Final Fantasy XIII-3. Yeah…

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The Origin of the End of the Internet

It is a well known fact that the internet existed, but it is not a well known fact that the original internet was stored upon several giant servers hidden in a underground facility somewhere in the south of England.

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Falling in love with a Fantasy Epic

I bought my first adult fantasy novel at fourteen from Waterstones, in Leeds, perhaps. The book was the Orcs omnibus by Stan Nicholls. The heroes, while loyal to each other, generally looked out for themselves and damned the rest of the world – well, you would too if the rest of the world wanted to kill you. The villain was so devious, twisted and sex-obsessed that I prayed for her swift death from the off. That’s something  Fantasy has that Teen Fantasy doesn’t. Gratuitous sex and plenty of it. Sometimes it’s weird – Jennesta of Orcs has a very open sexuality in that she seems to have sex with anyone, male, female, human, dwarf, orc, elf, she’s not fussy – and sometimes it’s not.

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