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Flash Fiction!

A spot of flash fiction now. This was originally part of a longer piece about a serial killer that I never got around to actually writing, but I think I like it better like this.

*Warning! The following contains themes which may be ideologically sensitive.*

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Between Fools and Kings – A Terrible Reunion

Noise. That was one thing they didn’t have much of back in the wilderness of Fadirland and right now it was music to his ears. Merchants battled to make the loudest pitch, horses snorted and whinnied, children screamed and cackled; it was bliss. Noise meant civilisation, a change of clothes, a hot shower instead of the filth he had spent the past month living in – if you could call such an existence living. Truly’s company urged their horses through the bustling crowds towards the stables where Welkand kept his horses. Truly had decided that he liked horses; his steed was gentle yet firm and could run like a bat out of hell.

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Across the Wall – Fernell’s Last Stand

Everyone ducked swiftly as a loud bang sounded followed shortly by a bullet whistling overhead. Fernell turned to the opposing soldiers and snarled. Emma jumped to her feet but he held a hand up to her.

“You keep going,” he ordered. “I’ll deal with them.”

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The Bus Driver Incident and Other Drunken Episodes

Everybody likes to have a little drink now and again and sometimes a little drink turns into a big drink and a bigger drink and a bigger drink and then you forget because you had too many.  Being drunk is hilarious, but only when it’s not you. I’m just going to go ahead and give you a few examples of stupid things that can happen when you’re drunk:

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Procrastinating: Jess Style

In the last few weeks I actually did quite a lot of work on various projects and I felt pretty good about it. That time is gone now. Thankfully, one of my assignments is a few tweaks from being as finished as it’s ever going to get and I have a choice to make between two pieces for my other assignment, but, I should still be finishing them. Instead I chose to have the weekend off. Why? Because Fable 2 happened.

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How NOT to Write a Medieval Fantasy Movie

Or just a Medieval Fantasy in general, but this is mainly focused towards film right now because I’m watching Season of the Witch for some reason. I’ve not really watched enough of this film to judge it but I’ve seen enough Hollywood films with medieval settings and plenty of them had mistakes which are easily remedied with a little research. So here we go:

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Across the Wall – Everyone Drinks Far Too Much

“Ale! Ale for my good friends here!”

The innkeeper brought five tankards of frothy ale over to the table where Emma and her four companions were sat. She had been completely correct about Fernell’s drinking privileges and, for this one night only, his drinks were on the house.

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