The Government That Cares

It’s nice to have a Government that cares isn’t it? It’s just unfortunate that this Government cares more about other countries than it does its own.

Today, the new welfare reforms and coalition cuts took place in the UK. Someone was always going to complain, it’s inevitable with this sort of thing, but this just took the proverbial biscuit. Let me just throw in a few statistics here from The Guardian that really grind my gears:

Introducing your new friend, the Bedroom Tax,

Working age housing benefit and unemployment claimants deemed to have one spare bedroom in social housing will lose 14% of their housing benefit and those with two or more spare bedrooms will lose 25%.

This will save the government £465m a year, however it will also mean that 660, 000 people in social housing will lose an average of £728 a year. What if you’ve got kids at university who aren’t home most of the time? That’s an ’empty’ bedroom. What if you use it for something else, say medical supplies for a sick loved one? Sorry, that’s an empty bedroom too, have some more tax.

Meanwhile, thanks to some underhanded dealings by several large companies to avoid extra taxes, Osbourne has scrapped the 50p tax rate for high earners because it didn’t raise as much money as they had hoped. If it’s raising money, don’t scrap it! Labour has predicted that this will lead to a £100,000 tax cut for 13,000 millionaires. This, to me, is another example of the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer.

Now after doing some sums with the numbers provided by The Guardian, would you like to know how much the Government can expect to save? Due to a costly reform in the NHS they save approximately £451 m in the first year. Doesn’t seem like much does it?

There is a better way. Remember what I said earlier about the Government that cares more for other countries than it does its own? Well allow me to explain. We have an NHS deficit of at least £1.3 bn. Good, hardworking, tax-paying people are going without the proper care they need in their own country. Why is this you ask? Because the Government deems it necessary to have a £7.8 bn budget for foreign aid. Now that just doesn’t sit right with me. Osbourne even promised that the foreign aid budget would not be touched. Why? The only foreign aid we ever got was being invaded by Romans. That £7.8 bn could wipe out the NHS deficit, could be used to hire more nurses, to train more soldiers. I was always taught that you look after number one before you start worrying about everyone else. I say, scrap the foreign aid budget and out it into something useful. It’s time we looked after our own and stopped trying to please the rest of the world.

Rule Britannia and God save the Queen!

And God give politicians some balls.


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