Introduction to Lind Farstrider

What better way to start the Character Bio collection than with a new character I’ve been toying with for my un-named fantasy (gotta be something about the North in there, or the South). Feel free to use the template. It’s pretty basic, but I like that better than half-a-million questions.

Name: Lind Farstrider

Title: None

Age: 37

Height: 5’8″

D.O.B: 15th Cawein, 212th Seed

Hair Colour: Raven

Eye Colour: Brown

Favoured Weapon: Bow/Dagger


Lind speaks her mind, regardless of the outcome – beggars and Kings are all the same to her. She is often regarded as being ‘cold as the North’ for her tactless approach and sarcastic remarks, but Lind was never going to be warm and cuddly. Her life in the North made her cold, but it also left her with a soft spot for children. She is often far more playful with Jakob than with anyone else and enjoys teasing the children immensely. She has a casual approach to sex, something which many of the Southerners have trouble dealing with, and believes when a man and woman wish to be bound to one another, they must prove themselves worthy by battling other potential partners or a chosen champion. She also has a great love for battle and misses it greatly whilst living in the South.


Born to the south-born Kalder Mallery, Doga of the Border Clan, and north-born Benild Bearsbane, Lind was taught the Northern ways and the Southern deception. Wanting to explore the mysterious South, her father’s land, she set off when she was blooded and did not return for near twenty years, earning herself the title Farstrider. In the South she learned the Southern ways with her man, Guthir, and has named herself as a self-styled ambassador for her North Clan.

Lind has travelled the width and breadth of the South and, despite complaining of its heat, has come to appreciate the South despite its differences with the North. Though she tends to keep out of Southern affairs, Lind has occasionally stepped in with words of advice for the down trodden, though these words were not always accepted warmly, especially not by Kings.

Personal Quote:

“If you intend to spill  a man’s blood, spill all of it.”


Doga:- Northern clan leader. Wins his/her title by defeating the current Doga in battle or (if there is no Doga), by defeating all claims to the title. It is not necessary to kill your opponent to defeat them.

Blooded:- Term used for youths of Northern clans who have made their first kill, whether it be man or beast. After making your first kill you are blooded and earn full rights within the clan, including the right to challenge the Doga.

© Jessica Wiles, 2013


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