Motivation and Taking Notes

Never have more than one project on the go, they said. I don’t know who they are, but I’m afraid I have to ignore their well-meaning advice. It’s hard to have multiple projects on the go, but it’s also hard not to. I get too many enticing ideas and I haven’t the will power to say no and store them away for later. I’m no good with notes. I’ve tried, I really have, but I can’t quite express what I want in note form. Here’s an example of my finest note taking work for a story about Paranormal Investigators:

A team of paranormal investigators are called to a school where a restless spirit has been attacking students.
  • Open in school. Daytime. Kid stops playing outside and starts walking in a trance. Gets inside to attic door before headmaster yells and caretaker grabs her and pulls her away. They decide to call professionals.
  • Next day, Mac (a large black man) introduces himself to his new class. As he speaks, rest of team exits van. Characters shown from boots upwards with Ellen last.
  • Ellen introduces team to headmaster st break time. Spirit attacks Charlie, but is repelled. After a brief chat, the team narrow it down to his crucifix and his sunscreen.
  • Ellen volunteers for a stake out. Headmaster joins her. An encounter with the spirit shows neither things repel her.
  • After much thought, Ellen realises it wad the reflrction in Charlie’s glasses that repelled her.
  • Team uses mirrors to corner the spirit and help her pass on.
  • Head master joins the team after school is demolished. Sexual tension between him and Ellen.

Extra notes

  • Mac cursed by gypsy to be sort of werewolf.
  • Ellen’s father killed himself after being possessed.
  • only humane investigators in UK
  • other woman is super psychic
  • other man is the wisecracker

You may notice I got bored about half way down. I also spelled reflection wrong. I know there are writers out there (probably 70% of writers) who have excellent notes and they write wonderful stories and get stuff done. Every time I start making notes or writing character bios, I trail off, get bored and end up staring at a blank screen,  or playing video games. Hardly productive. So I came up with a plan! Download a program! So I did, but it’s too vague (I like to have a good selection of questions to answer) so I’m going to download a different one until I find the program for me. Meanwhile, I plan to start writing character bios here! No spoilers of course, but it might actually get me motivated and smash through my writer’s block.

Happy writing.


3 responses to “Motivation and Taking Notes

  1. I think this is something I struggle with too! Thanks for sharing.
    P.s I have something called Evernote, which maybe worth while for you to look into…. I have it on everything, my mobile, laptop, tablet….

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