Bump in the Night

Amongst my friends I am known for writing violence and often it is graphic; bloody decapitations, open fractures, people setting on fire, occasional torture, that sort of thing. That by no means, makes me a violent person. I used to read my novel to my house mate and she would often comment on how dark and violent it was at times, but the darkest thing I have probably ever written was not graphic violence and it rhymed.

I will tell you now, I don’t like poetry. Half the time it looks like a jumble of pretty words which you need a degree in poetry to decipher. So this is what I wrote. There are no pretty words and you don’t need a degree to decipher it.

*Warning!* – The following contains themes that are ideologically sensitive

Bump in the Night

I like to keep the light on when

I go to sleep at night.

Mummy says the monsters

Are really scared of light.

But Mummy doesn’t know about

The monster in the house.

He sneaks into my room at night

As quiet as a mouse.

He grunts and growls like goblins do

And he’s giant like a troll;

He’s hairy like a scary wolf

With eyes as black as coal.

I can’t tell Mummy about the monster,

He says if I do he’ll get me.

My night terror, my bogeyman,

My dearest, angry Daddy.

© Jessica Wiles, 2013


One response to “Bump in the Night

  1. Makes the point very well

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