The Wesley Song

Some people have dogs. Others have cats. I would like a dog, or a cat, but I can’t afford it and I don’t think my Landlord would be too pleased. So instead I have a hamster. His name is Wesley (after the Last of the Summer Wine character) and this is his song (Song based on Harry Partridge’s Skyrim song).

Note: Wesley has not eaten most of the items in this song, nor will he.


Holy shit! What is this? I can smell some food here.
Over there, I smell pear. Wait, did I just lick beer?
Time is nigh, for some pie. I’ll go on with my quest.
To eat more, than a boar and some nice turkey breast.
I’ll have cream, what a scream. Oh my god there’s some chocs.
A bit of cake, maybe hake. Holy shit this food rocks!
I will eat all the food and I’ll maybe eat from the bin. Food is the love of my life and of food I am King.


One response to “The Wesley Song

  1. Luls food hamster!

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