More Plans to Ruin Your Childhood

We spend a good chunk of our lives in education, some more than others, then it’s on to the wonderful world of work. When I was three, I went to nursery school and we had story time and play time and some other times I don’t remember much. We didn’t learn in the academic sense. We did what children do. We played and we learned fundamental life skills through that playing, like sharing and communication skills. Nowadays they teach three year olds basic maths and English. Even the TV shows are teaching kids maths. When I was little, TV taught you how to be a good person and that was enough. There goes a little bit of your childhood kids.

Then they introduced exams at primary school. Not like SATs which measure your ability for secondary school, full blown, stressful exams who’s only purpose seems to be shortening the lifespan of those who take them. But when lots of children do well in their exams at GSCE, do they get a well done and a pat on the back? Well yes, at home, but the board of education suddenly decides that because so many pupils did well, the exams must be too easy so they make them harder. But when more kids fail the harder exams, it’s not because the exams are too hard, but because they’re stupid.

And then came Michael Gove. He plans to lengthen the school day to 4.30 pm and shorten the holidays. It is highly unlikely that this will improve anybody’s grades. It’s just not practical, they cannot expect teenagers, who have a limited concentration as it is, to focus long enough for an extra lesson to have any really effect. It’s hard enough to concentrate on the last lesson as it is without it being an hour later. The NUT and NASUWT are against Gove’s plans, which isn’t surprising as teachers have phenomenal work loads as it is. Gove’s reply? If you don’t like it, open free schools. Prove me wrong.

This is just the latest example of old men, who barely remember what school was even like, making decisions on things they have no clue about. I say, round up all the officials who think school is too easy or too short and let them be enrolled in these schools they’ve created and then they’ll see just how easy school is.


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