The Mystery of the Creepy Speakers

I am a wimp, there’s no two ways about it. Sure there are people wimpier than me (I know them), but I’m still a big old scaredy cat. I’m jumpy and a tiny bit paranoid. I slept with the light on for three days after I half watched The Amytiville Horror (the new one with Ryan Reynolds) and slept on my back for another four days after that. I can’t stand in doorways because it’s bad luck and sometimes I’m scared of mirrors. I also believe in ghosts.

I’ve never had a supernatural experience myself, but people around me have. When my mum and dad first moved into our house the dog simply refused to go into the living room and just barked into it from the doorway. My dad fixed that by pushing him in. When they told me several years later, I was convinced that the room was haunted even though nothing had ever happened in there. Our dining room door was opened of its own accord even though it was shut to (properly closed). That freaked me out even though I wasn’t there and I had to spend the rest of the evening where all the people were. And my Granddad swore blind he had seen the ghost of a woman while he was on patrol in the army (and he wasn’t the only one. It’s a fun story, maybe I’ll tell it sometime). That actually didn’t bother me because it wasn’t near me. My best friend at school told some terrifying stories about things that happened at her house and I eventually I refused to go.

Which brings me to the present day, where nothing scary every happens except that one time someone claimed to have seen a girl leave Rebecca’s room in the Lawns only it wasn’t Rebecca and she didn’t open the door. No, nothing creepy ever happens that can be put down to anything remotely not normal (because ironing boards dressed as people don’t count). Until recently.

My house mate has a pair of speakers which pick up radio frequencies when switched off and unplugged. Imagine just laying in bed at night and suddenly hearing German people talking in your room (because it’s always German). That just creepy, but a few nights ago it got creepier. This time it wasn’t German, it was a girl crying followed by a woman angrily shouting, “You don’t belong here. Leave now!” So that’s every horror movie ever! We managed to put it down to the following situation to help ourselves sleep (not that I actually heard it, it just creeped me out when he told me); the angry woman is shouting at the Germans to get the hell out of her house because they’re making her daughter cry because they’re scary Germans.

As a result of this, I’m of a mind to write a horror film based around this occurrence in which my house mates and I will feature. I could see my character either heeding the speakers’ advice and leaving or being murdered. I just hope I don’t scare myself too much if I do write it.


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