What Ever Happened to Spring?

Where did spring go? For the past couple of weeks it’s been hot. I mean really hot. I opened my bedroom window and I never open my bedroom window. I might have opened the living room window if I spent more time down there and could actually reach it. It’s like we just went from winter to summer and I’m not ready for it. For once though, all those people who see sun and instantly put their shorts on even though its still freezing outside will finally stop looking stupid.

I don’t really like the hot. Well, I hate it and I was born in the summer. I’m thinking I might wear sunglasses tomorrow, but that means taking a case to keep my other glasses in as well as remembering to pack the case at eight o’clock in the morning (I’m not fully awake then). But, soak up the sun while you can because it’ll be gone like that! And on the off-chance that we have a long summer then beware. A long hot summer means a long hard winter.

Enjoy the sunshine.


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