How NOT to Write a Medieval Fantasy Movie

Or just a Medieval Fantasy in general, but this is mainly focused towards film right now because I’m watching Season of the Witch for some reason. I’ve not really watched enough of this film to judge it but I’ve seen enough Hollywood films with medieval settings and plenty of them had mistakes which are easily remedied with a little research. So here we go:

1. Know your cast

This really depends on the setting, but there are a lot of films set in medieval England where the actors are American. Now that’s not a problem, unless they a. have a horrible English accent or b. no English accent at all. Modern America didn’t exist until the 1700s and neither did American accents. The biggest criminal in this department? Kevin Costner in Robin Hood Prince of Thieves which was an otherwise fantastic film. It just ruins the immersion, especially if everyone else has an English accent, like they should.

2. Know your weapons

This is a common mistake in video games. It is widely accepted that swords are for stabbing and slashing. Well, that is not true of every sword. Have you ever held a Greatsword? Well neither have I, but I know that they are super heavy. Generally you don’t stab with a Greatsword because they are too heavy, unless your enemy is lying on the floor in which case stab away, but Greatswords are meant for slashing and crushing. Scimitars are also meant solely for slashing. They are definitely not designed for stabbing, it’s not impossible, it’s just not efficient. And for a last example the rapier. The long thin blade is designed to puncture your enemy full of holes and I doubt you’ll get anywhere slashing with these. Also, guns were not invented until the 1500s ish.


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