Across the Wall – Fernell’s Last Stand

Everyone ducked swiftly as a loud bang sounded followed shortly by a bullet whistling overhead. Fernell turned to the opposing soldiers and snarled. Emma jumped to her feet but he held a hand up to her.

“You keep going,” he ordered. “I’ll deal with them.”

Emma nodded and she and her companions continued on their way leaving Fernell to deal with the threat alone. He smiled and dashed towards his enemies, shifting into his wolf form as he went, meeting the first soldier with a claw in the gut. He leapt back from his victim as gunfire ensued and dashed throughout the opposing soldiers, dodging bullets and taking lives as he went. Some soldiers swapped their guns for knives and slashed at Fernell when he got closer. Occasionally, a blade’s edge would meet with Fernell’s flesh but he was unfazed by pain and continued his onslaught. But he couldn’t fight everywhere at once and as he tore the throat from one man, another leapt onto his back and drove a blade into his shoulder. Fernell howled in rage and pain and grasped at the soldier on his back, only to find that there was no one there. He turned, expecting to find his quarry, instead finding his own daughter snapping the neck of the offending soldier.

“I couldn’t let you have all the fun now could I?” she grinned, revealing her pointed fangs.

Fernell smiled, wincing slightly, and they turned their attentions to the remaining soldiers. He dashed towards them with incredible speed and began tearing at the brave enemy soldiers. Ophelia took out the stray soldiers that Fernell missed or couldn’t see and the opposing soldiers were eliminated in far less time than Fernell had anticipated when he had been alone. Ophelia stood rose from her last kill and licked her bloodied lips clean. Fernell smiled fondly at her and surveyed the room with a satisfied sigh. She turned to her father and smiled as they shared the moment. A loud bang sounded and Ophelia staggered and looked down at her the blood that blossomed from her chest and then looked up at her father, a confused sorrow in her eyes. Several more shots sounded and she convulsed with each hit, though her eyes never left her stricken father.

“Ophelia,” he cried his voice breaking simultaneously with his heart.

Blood trickled from her mouth and she staggered forward into her father’s arms.

“No…” Fernell whispered, his eyes streaming with tears. “No!”

Her eyes clouded over and Fernell hung his head, sobbing uncontrollably as he closed her eyes for the final time. The wolf trembled with sorrow and rage as the soldiers blocked off the door and began to slowly surround him. Guns clicked and his head snapped up, a terrifying rage blazing in his eyes. With a roar he leapt into the soldiers and unleashed his fury.


With a final groan, the last soldier slumped to the ground. Fernell staggered towards the body of his beloved daughter, his breath ragged, slowly morphing back into his human form. He cradled Ophelia’s body in his arms and slid down against the wall into a sitting position. He pulled his daughter close to him and brushed a hair from her face.

“Ophelia…” he rasped. “It’s alright now…Daddy’s here…” he winced and his vision blurred momentarily. “We’ll…be together… soon…my darling girl…” he leant down and kissed her forehead.

Footsteps sounded at the door but Fernell didn’t even glance up. Blood poured from his many wounds and all he wanted now was to be with his beloved daughter. He held Ophelia close and waited as the click of guns filled the room.

© Jessica Wiles, 2013


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