Flash Fiction!

A spot of flash fiction now. This was originally part of a longer piece about a serial killer that I never got around to actually writing, but I think I like it better like this.

*Warning! The following contains themes which may be ideologically sensitive.*

Stab! I saw the face of Mr Taylor, the teacher who had touched her.

Stab! I saw Lucy Binns, who had tormented her through school.

Stab! Will Jameson, the boy who mugged her.

Stab! That nameless old woman who had spewed filth at her in the street.

Stab! My wife, who had allowed these people to abuse her.

Stab! My wife, blood trickling from the corner if her mouth.

Stab! My wife, gasping for breath and weeping silently.

I didn’t stab her again.

© Jessica Wiles, 2013


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