Introduction to Ser Colm Brett

I really love this guy’s name. I really, really do. Colm is from War for the North and will be a main character alongside Lind Farstrider, Kalder Mallory and possible others.

Name: Colm Brett

Title: Ser

Age: 42

Height: 6’2″

D.O.B: 22nd Larae, 207 Seed

Hair Colour: Dark Blonde – Light Brown

Eye Colour: Green

Favoured Weapon: Spear


Colm is a loyal man who takes his oaths very seriously. If he has sworn to do something, he will do it and face the consequences later. Despite his succession to knighthood, Colm is not ambitious and wants only to serve as a soldier. He is honest, dependable and has a strong sense of justice which favours the poor over the wealthy. This makes him even more unpopular amongst the other knights and bannermen than he already is. Though he is unquestionably loyal he is also hot-headed and makes decisions without thinking about the consequences.


Found abandoned just outside the Northern Hold by a travelling merchant, Colm was taken back to the Blue Citadel where he was raised by the merchant and his wife. Colm was to take over his father’s business once he came of age despite having a greater interest in joining the City Watch. However when he was eight, Colm’s father left to trade in the other cities and never returned. Believing his father to have been murdered by raiders, Colm developed a strong sense of justice (a borderline need for vengeance), and joined the City Watch when he came of age. He served for nine years before he met the King’s eldest (and at the time only) son. The young prince, who was nine, had separated himself from his hunting party as Colm patrolled the Spine and found himself at the mercy of a wildcat. Colm heard his cries for help and killed the wildcat with a well aimed spear throw. As a reward, the King had Colm knighted.

From then on, Colm was despised by his fellow knights who named him The Common Knight because he wasn’t a noble. Only Lord Tiber Wolsey, the King’s advisor, treated him as a true knight and named him a bannerman and his eventual heir.

Personal Quote:

“When I take an oath I keep it and I swear, by my Gods and your Mountain, that I will come back for you!”

© Jessica Wiles, 2013


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