Important Characters in War for the North

When you’re writing a fantasy you end up with a lot of characters with a lot of unusual (and occasionally stupid) names. It can get confusing and difficult to keep track of; Prince Robert has gone through at least three different names, only one of which I can remember. So I put them into this handy table so I can keep track of them, along with their roles in the world. So far I only have the generally important characters, but the rest will follow eventually (when I actually write about them).

Lind Farstrider
Kalder Mallory

Doga of the Border Clan

Benild Bearsbane
Lord Tiber Wolsey

High Advisor

Prince Marle Damorth

Prince Regent

Prince Robert Damorth
King Jon Damorth

King of Fyrell

Lord Finneas Grey

The Master of Coin

Lord Arwell Hallworth

The Master of Wonders (Science)

Elder Warren Tarley

Apostle of the Divine

Ser Colm Brett

Tiber’s Heir/The Common Knight


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