Awkward Love Triangle Appeared!

When it comes to writing love interests I like to have everything planned before hand, so with War for the North my main character, Lind, had two love interests: Guth, her silent bodyguard, and Colm, the knight. It was going well, the plan was she’d be in love with Guth until she found him with a prostitute at which point she would fly into a rage and make plans to humiliate him. After a long hard think about her life, she would fall for the charms of the handsome and loyal Colm. That was the plan anyway.

Then, after spending a lot of time watching Doctor Who and Poirot (because they’re awesome) I finally managed to write my prologue and then another chapter which introduced several new characters. One is tall, creepy and I wouldn’t trust him with my Grandma, another is short, sarcastic and my new favourite, there’s also a bad tempered prince and a man with fantastic hair. And one of them had the audacity, before I’ve even written that far, to go and fall in love with Lind.

I still stand by original match-up between Lind and Colm, but I feel sorry for this new character. I’ve spent all day listening to a very depressing song (Remembering Sunday) and playing Solitaire (it’s mindless and let’s me think) trying to think of a way around this. Death is not an option. It’s a shame, because this is going to ruin the comedy duo I had planned. I guess the only way to do this is just write and see if anything sparks in the little grey cells.


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