My Day Off

I’ve done a fair amount of work recently. Sure, I didn’t write all of it down, but the pieces of the story are locked away safely in my head where I will definitely NOT forget them. So I thought, maybe I need a little break from work, just before I turn to editing my assessments. I planned a day of Xbox, maybe some Tales of Vesperia, a film perhaps, more Poirot? I watched Dog the Bounty Hunter then came crawling back to my laptop.

I can’t leave the story alone, but I refuse to write anything today, I need to get the whole awkward love triangle out of my head for a day. So instead I decided to draw the characters, just to get their likenesses down. I can’t really draw. So then I thought, pixels. I’ve been known to make little Pokémon sprites from time to time, so I used some of my old trainer sprites and bastardised them into the characters I so love. Or at least two I love and the creepy guy.

The Lords

Lord Finneas Grey and Lord Arwell Hallworth

I love Arwell (the short one), but he looks a bit evil here. I said I made trainer sprites, I never said I did it well. And if you’re wondering what the black squiggle on Lord Grey’s chest is… it’s meant to be a stag’s head. Anyway, then there’s Lind…

Lind is Ready to Kick Ass

Lind Farstrider

Well, the less said about her the better I think. Like I said, I can’t draw. They’re not quite what I had in mind (especially clothes, because I never really imagined their clothes. They were definitely wearing them!) but they’re not completely awful. I really like Lord Grey’s hair.

(Sprites © Game Freak, 1996-2013)


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