“Did you feel that?” – The Illogical Paranormal

Today I watched Most Haunted for the first time and I have to say I was thoroughly entertained. It was hilarious. The first instance of so-called ‘paranormal activity’ occurred when Derek Acorah entered room 28 of the hotel and a woman (who works on the show but I forget her name) screamed, “Oh my god did you see that?”. The answer was no, nobody saw anything because nothing happened. She was adamant the bed had moved but it was clearly bull. I believe in ghosts, though I don’t know why. I think I just like the idea for some reason. However, I don’t go for malevolent spirits who want to murder the living.

If I was a ghost I’d play tricks on everyone. Looking for your keys? I put them in the toilet. Do you see that dark shape in your hallway? It’s me, dancing, or better still dayuncing! I like the paranormal because it’s not everyday. Sometimes I get a little obsessed with it, like now. I can spend days reading ghost and monster stories and then I can spend nights not sleeping. I’m afraid of pretty much everything. My house mate is incredibly sceptic and believes in nothing science can’t prove. My love for the paranormal is pretty odd considering my logical thinking. I know it’s not logical to believe in faery folk (who are evil, tell your kids) and dragons and ghosts and Spring-heeled Jack, but I do.

On a side note, if you doubt my ability to be logical when asked ‘If a train was rigged to explode and the only way you could save the 500 passengers was to push a stranger off the train, killing them, would you do it.’ I answered yes because it’s illogical to let 500 people die just to not kill one.


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