Welcome to the Hive Mind

I’m kind of scared of technology. It’s true. I use it every day, it’s essential for my course, but it scares me. I don’t like personalised adverts. It creeps me out that the internet knows what I’m into, plus they’re a waste of time because I don’t actually want anything. I feel like my privacy has been invaded, like nothing is sacred. I have been violated. And nobody give me any ‘you agreed to the terms and conditions’ crap because no one reads them. Ever.

And now, thanks to social networking, we can talk to practically anyone in the world at any time. Huge quantities of information are being shared as we speak. You can access almost anything. This, my friends is the first step into the Hive Mind. Hive minds are not good. Think about it, do you really want to be linked to every person on the globe? To know everything everyone knows? The smart answer is no.

We’re on our way to a hive mind, technologically speaking, at least. Say no to the hive mind, say yes to privacy and personal mind space.



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