Location! Location! Location!

I’m not very good at settings. In fact, I suck, mostly. I just can’t picture all the details of the location and keep them in the same place. I’m fine with small rooms, but ask me to cook up a building, a city, a land and I end up with a sparse setting where random objects keep appearing and disappearing. Lands are the worst. I’m no good at Geography. Seriously, I thought Durham was down south (though to be fair, I thought it was posh so I assumed it had to be down south). But my solution is here at last! Sort of.

Before filming, directors send out scouts to find ideal locations to film in, so I’m doing a little scouting of my own. My house mate has spent the past several weeks doing nothing but coding and writing reports. A lot of that happened at Hull University in the dead of night (he didn’t get home until five in the morning some nights). One night, while he was at university, he and his friend came across a creepy section of one of the buildings and I just have to see it. It sounds like just the sort of location I need for my island asylum, so I’m going to have a little look tomorrow and soak up the spooks.

And don’t worry, there’s no danger of a horror movie occurring. There is no chance of me ‘going in there’ or hanging around for too long if any shit goes down. I don’t need to run fast I just need to run faster than my house mate.


3 responses to “Location! Location! Location!

  1. I do that. The geography and geology of my world are heavily influences by parts of Newfoundland. 🙂

    Hope your location works out for you!

  2. Settings are difficult for me, too. I find it helps to draw out a map or a blueprint, but even then, I have to stop and ask, “Where did THAT object come from?”

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