To Kill or Not to Kill…

It’s that age old crisis. Will this character die or survive? Let’s face it, we don’t want to go all J.K Rowling on our characters and just murder everyone our readers ever loved.  When it comes to main characters dying, you have to really consider all the options. It has to be significant. Imagine following a hero/heroine through all their trials and tribulations and having them die needlessly or randomly. When it comes to the hero’s death there is one word that springs to mind. Sacrifice.

I don’t mean a ritual sacrifice to the mighty god Ra (hmm… deja vu, totally written this before), I’m talking about the hero giving his life to safe whoever needs saving, whether that be a loved one or friend, a city, the world! So here’s my predicament, I have a main character with two love interests who takes a potentially fatal wound near the end of the story. I now have a few options.

1. They slowly die from the wound, content with the knowledge that they’ve finally redeemed themselves.

2. They survive and sail away with the better looking of their love interests to explore new lands.

3. They survive and be all clever with the wittier of their love interests.

4. (The option I’m currently going with) Shortly after sustaining the injury, they ask the witty love interest if sins are ever forgiven. The answer is either a sorrowful, yet honest ‘no’, or an equally sorrowful lie of ‘yes’. The End. You make up your own mind if they survive.

It’s tough, and I feel like death is the right way to go but I feel really bad for one of the love interests in particular who’s already had a rough time of it without their love dying in front of them.

This is what I do. I create these characters, I start to love them and then I screw with their lives because I can. Writers are evil!


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