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What Time Is It? It’s Summer Time!

Did I just make a High School Musical reference? Sadly yes. But, my second year of Creative Writing and English is over, my exams are done, my assessments are being assessed. And I’m home. Coming home wasn’t as sad as I expected, after all, both Nik and Katie are graduating this year and I’ll miss them. Especially Nik, I’ve known him for four years now and, despite all the times he’s purposefully scared me or taken the mick out of my accent, he’s a really good friend. But, I’m going back in a couple of weeks, just for a weekend, so I imagine the sadness will happen then.

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Almost a Your Face Joke

I gave myself a little chuckle while I was writing War for the North yesterday (now testing the title The Longest Shadow instead). I came this close to writing a ‘your face’ joke and I had to share.

Finneas peered at the woman, making no effort to disguise his scrutinising gaze. Subtlety had never been his strong point in the face of commoners.

“What do you suppose happened to her face?”

“Well whatever it was, I know you won’t be happening to her face.”

“She’s far too skinny,” Finneas said. “All skin and sinew by the look of it. Not a whore at any rate. Not with that face.”

Arwell was about to make a remark about Finneas’ own face when Prince Marle stalked into the throne room. The crowd knelt before him as he made his way to the throne, his expression one of perpetual irritation.

© Jessica Wiles, 2013

I am the Destroyer of Souls

Today my younger sister came to visit. Her hamster died last week and she was pretty down, as you can imagine so I suggested she come to my house for a day of films. After a lot of faffing trying to sort out days and times when my Dad could drop her off on his way to work and then pick her up again on his way home, we settled on today…around eight o’clock. I’m not a morning person and though I agreed to be up and dressed before she arrived I did end up answering the door in my pyjamas. But hey, to me ‘a bit before 8’ means ‘about 7.45’ not twenty-five past seven. It probably didn’t help that, despite deciding to go to bed early, I ended up going to bed at half 1 after two hours of scrolling through Tickld and half an hour of solitaire. Then around 2 am my brain decided to wake me so that I could hallucinate a towel on my bed and freak out. So I was tired.

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A Story in 25 Words

Hoping to start WIPpet Wednesdays as soon as my assessments have been marked (July time maybe), but in the mean time, here’s a 25 word story.

I never saw my mother cry, but as the monitors beeped and I awoke, she was the first and last thing I ever heard.

My Story, My Rules!

God damn it characters are annoying! Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you plan something because your characters are going to do whatever they want and make you feel bad for trying to kill someone off because they love them. Stupid characters, thinking they’re people. I feel like I’ve got split personalities, but they all stay in my head instead of manifesting properly. I had planned to kill off one of my characters (well, several but this is one I’m not totally sure of), and it was going to be heart wrenching. It involved two characters, one being unconscious and on the verge of death, the other was in love with the first. There are some heartfelt words, a confession of love an then death. A bitter-sweet kick in the teeth. That’s how I roll.

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Being 5’5″. It’s not short!

I get a lot of stick or being little, when really I’m not even that short, I just happen to be the shortest person in my family. I blame my dad because for a man, he’s pretty short and he finds it hard to find trousers in his leg length. My mum gives me a hug and then says ‘Ooh, you are little aren’t you.” She’s an inch taller than me. An inch! My sister is the worst for it because she’s the tallest and three years younger than me. She puts high heels on then parades around telling me I’m so short. No, you’re just freakishly tall!

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A Limited Experience in Horror

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t really do horror. I’m naturally jumpy as it is (my hamster scared me to death the other day by very slowly standing up at the side of his cage) and on a good day I’ll be able to get through the night without feeling creeped out by the bathroom mirror. Mirrors, ugh…

As a result I have a limited experience in horror films and even books (Dementors were much scarier on paper, thank you very much), but like most of the human race I want to watch something scary, possibly just to say I’ve done it. This is often a mistake. This is just a handful of ‘scary’ movies I’ve watched and sometimes regretted.

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