Still Alive and not Undead

Hello, I’m still here. It’s been nearly a week since I last wrote anything, unless you count the 2 hour exam I had to sit yesterday. Nowadays most of us aren’t used to using pens to write substantial amounts, so an exam is always a shock to the system. I found that the writing position I used at school (almost laying on the paper) is fine for short stints, but after two hours it’s quite painful and my neck is killing me. Only one more exam to go,but I’m using Harry Potter as one of my texts so I’ve passed already.

On the brighter side, I’ve been watching Resident Evil, except I appear to have missed out Apocalypse because it’s not on Netflix and looking at the description it would have explained a lot. Weirdly, I never stopped to question just how Alice got out of Raccoon City. My favourite was Afterlife, simply because Iain Glen was in it and I love him a little bit.

Iain Glen as Dr Isaacs

Ooh, he’s such a bad man.

I’m pretty annoyed that I’ve missed a film. What kind of idiot puts up a series of films and misses one out, and an important looking one at that?

But it’s not all bad. I’ve got a bunch of inspiration for War for the North and Colm is finally filling out as a character. I even made a decision about the ending, but you’ll hear nothing from me.


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