My Story, My Rules!

God damn it characters are annoying! Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you plan something because your characters are going to do whatever they want and make you feel bad for trying to kill someone off because they love them. Stupid characters, thinking they’re people. I feel like I’ve got split personalities, but they all stay in my head instead of manifesting properly. I had planned to kill off one of my characters (well, several but this is one I’m not totally sure of), and it was going to be heart wrenching. It involved two characters, one being unconscious and on the verge of death, the other was in love with the first. There are some heartfelt words, a confession of love an then death. A bitter-sweet kick in the teeth. That’s how I roll.

Then I wrote it. It’s kind of crappy at the minute, but as I was writing it I suddenly realised, I can’t kill this person. It makes for a good ending, but it’s just so evil. I’m used to playing the old ‘dead lover’ card. Two of my previous stories involved characters sacrificing themselves, leaving their lovers to live on without them. Usually I’m fine with it, but as this character poured his heart out and began to cry, I couldn’t bring myself to let their love die. Maybe I’m going soft and maybe I say “I’m the writer, screw you” and kill them anyway, but right now I feel bad. I’m so evil…


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