What Time Is It? It’s Summer Time!

Did I just make a High School Musical reference? Sadly yes. But, my second year of Creative Writing and English is over, my exams are done, my assessments are being assessed. And I’m home. Coming home wasn’t as sad as I expected, after all, both Nik and Katie are graduating this year and I’ll miss them. Especially Nik, I’ve known him for four years now and, despite all the times he’s purposefully scared me or taken the mick out of my accent, he’s a really good friend. But, I’m going back in a couple of weeks, just for a weekend, so I imagine the sadness will happen then.

I have a few plans for summer, those plans being lose weight, finish reading Game of Thrones and write my book. The only likely one is me losing weight, surprisingly. I might even learn to drive which will be fun for everyone if I drive anything like I do on racing games, which is badly and aggressively. It will also be my birthday, I’ll be 22. I still feel like a child, I do childish things and I seem to have no control over my limbs sometimes. Once I tried to point at something and punched my glasses off my face.

Anyway, this is going to be a good summer because I said so.


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