Wildlife, Nightlife and Shoes

I’ve been bad since I came home. I’ve not been blogging or writing, but last week I had an excuse. My dad was off work for the week so we had a couple of days out. First we went to Meadowhall in Sheffield. They had a cool jazz band playing over dinner and I got a few notes down for my story. By a few I mean I wrote 3 lines in a tiny notebook, but it’s better than nothing. I got a cool new pair of converse while we were there with a Joker print on them, which I’ve already nearly fallen down the stairs in. Joker’s my second favourite Batman villain, after Riddler.

Joker Print Converse

The only thing cooler than Joker is Mr Freeze. Get it?

There’s just a tiny glimpse of my bedroom. On Tuesday we went to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and if you haven’t been, you’ve got to go! You can stroke Wallabies in there!

Wallabies at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

And they called it Wallaby loooove…

Some of the animals weren’t on their best behaviour and got a bit frisky with each other, which was necessary because about six schools or more were having trips. That freaked me out a bit. The kids, not the animals. Tiny children frighten me. But, we saw baboons, zebu, wallabies, mongooses, meerkats, squirrel monkeys, painted hunting dogs, camels, giraffes, lions, tigers, a leopard, a rather photogenic marmoset and the piece de resistance, a capybara!

A common marmoset

Here, get my good side.


Who doesn’t love a Capybara?!

Then, last night I had a lovely catch-up with some of my school friends. We went out for a few drinks at the local bevvy  (or one of them at least) and took part in the last fifteen questions of the pub quiz. We did not win. I was please though because I drank quite a lot (for me) and I was totally fine and it was quiet enough for me to say ‘same again’ when I went to the bar. I felt like a real adult.

I also got my exam results. I passed with a 2:1 so I am very pleased and roll on the third year! That also means that I’ll be doing WIPpet Wednesdays from tomorrow.

Anyway, here’s a smiley meerkat. Have fun!

Smiley Meerkat

Car insurance anyone?


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