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Wildlife, Nightlife and Shoes

I’ve been bad since I came home. I’ve not been blogging or writing, but last week I had an excuse. My dad was off work for the week so we had a couple of days out. First we went to Meadowhall in Sheffield. They had a cool jazz band playing over dinner and I got a few notes down for my story. By a few I mean I wrote 3 lines in a tiny notebook, but it’s better than nothing. I got a cool new pair of converse while we were there with a Joker print on them, which I’ve already nearly fallen down the stairs in. Joker’s my second favourite Batman villain, after Riddler.

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What Time Is It? It’s Summer Time!

Did I just make a High School Musical reference? Sadly yes. But, my second year of Creative Writing and English is over, my exams are done, my assessments are being assessed. And I’m home. Coming home wasn’t as sad as I expected, after all, both Nik and Katie are graduating this year and I’ll miss them. Especially Nik, I’ve known him for four years now and, despite all the times he’s purposefully scared me or taken the mick out of my accent, he’s a really good friend. But, I’m going back in a couple of weeks, just for a weekend, so I imagine the sadness will happen then.

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Still Alive and not Undead

Hello, I’m still here. It’s been nearly a week since I last wrote anything, unless you count the 2 hour exam I had to sit yesterday. Nowadays most of us aren’t used to using pens to write substantial amounts, so an exam is always a shock to the system. I found that the writing position I used at school (almost laying on the paper) is fine for short stints, but after two hours it’s quite painful and my neck is killing me. Only one more exam to go,but I’m using Harry Potter as one of my texts so I’ve passed already.

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Welcome to the Hive Mind

I’m kind of scared of technology. It’s true. I use it every day, it’s essential for my course, but it scares me. I don’t like personalised adverts. It creeps me out that the internet knows what I’m into, plus they’re a waste of time because I don’t actually want anything. I feel like my privacy has been invaded, like nothing is sacred. I have been violated. And nobody give me any ‘you agreed to the terms and conditions’ crap because no one reads them. Ever.

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“Did you feel that?” – The Illogical Paranormal

Today I watched Most Haunted for the first time and I have to say I was thoroughly entertained. It was hilarious. The first instance of so-called ‘paranormal activity’ occurred when Derek Acorah entered room 28 of the hotel and a woman (who works on the show but I forget her name) screamed, “Oh my god did you see that?”. The answer was no, nobody saw anything because nothing happened. She was adamant the bed had moved but it was clearly bull. I believe in ghosts, though I don’t know why. I think I just like the idea for some reason. However, I don’t go for malevolent spirits who want to murder the living.

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Apple Draws Up New Designs for iPod

Apple Draws Up New Designs for iPodSorry. I couldn’t resist.

What Ever Happened to Spring?

Where did spring go? For the past couple of weeks it’s been hot. I mean really hot. I opened my bedroom window and I never open my bedroom window. I might have opened the living room window if I spent more time down there and could actually reach it. It’s like we just went from winter to summer and I’m not ready for it. For once though, all those people who see sun and instantly put their shorts on even though its still freezing outside will finally stop looking stupid.

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