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My Story, My Rules!

God damn it characters are annoying! Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much you plan something because your characters are going to do whatever they want and make you feel bad for trying to kill someone off because they love them. Stupid characters, thinking they’re people. I feel like I’ve got split personalities, but they all stay in my head instead of manifesting properly. I had planned to kill off one of my characters (well, several but this is one I’m not totally sure of), and it was going to be heart wrenching. It involved two characters, one being unconscious and on the verge of death, the other was in love with the first. There are some heartfelt words, a confession of love an then death. A bitter-sweet kick in the teeth. That’s how I roll.

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Being 5’5″. It’s not short!

I get a lot of stick or being little, when really I’m not even that short, I just happen to be the shortest person in my family. I blame my dad because for a man, he’s pretty short and he finds it hard to find trousers in his leg length. My mum gives me a hug and then says ‘Ooh, you are little aren’t you.” She’s an inch taller than me. An inch! My sister is the worst for it because she’s the tallest and three years younger than me. She puts high heels on then parades around telling me I’m so short. No, you’re just freakishly tall!

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Common Misconceptions About Videogames

As an individual who plays video games I find that there is a lot of negativity towards gaming and gamers. We’re seen as pale, fat, and nerdy and we don’t like the outdoors. I’m only two of these things, pale and nerdy, and yes, I’m pale because I don’t go in the sun because it’s too hot. But not all gamers look like that, especially nowadays. Yet people still believe that video games are evil. If you are one such person, I’m here to tell you you’re wrong and this is why.
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The Bus Driver Incident and Other Drunken Episodes

Everybody likes to have a little drink now and again and sometimes a little drink turns into a big drink and a bigger drink and a bigger drink and then you forget because you had too many.  Being drunk is hilarious, but only when it’s not you. I’m just going to go ahead and give you a few examples of stupid things that can happen when you’re drunk:

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More Plans to Ruin Your Childhood

We spend a good chunk of our lives in education, some more than others, then it’s on to the wonderful world of work. When I was three, I went to nursery school and we had story time and play time and some other times I don’t remember much. We didn’t learn in the academic sense. We did what children do. We played and we learned fundamental life skills through that playing, like sharing and communication skills. Nowadays they teach three year olds basic maths and English. Even the TV shows are teaching kids maths. When I was little, TV taught you how to be a good person and that was enough. There goes a little bit of your childhood kids.

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5 Lessons From Yorkshire

Growing up in Yorkshire, you learn things a little differently than in other parts of the country. Dialect is the main difference, even people in Yorkshire don’t know what half their own words mean, like mafting (hot). I grew up in a smallish town where my family have lived for several generations, so we’ve got our roots pretty deep, and these are the things I learned from them.

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The Government That Cares

It’s nice to have a Government that cares isn’t it? It’s just unfortunate that this Government cares more about other countries than it does its own.

Today, the new welfare reforms and coalition cuts took place in the UK. Someone was always going to complain, it’s inevitable with this sort of thing, but this just took the proverbial biscuit. Let me just throw in a few statistics here from The Guardian that really grind my gears:

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