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You’re Never Getting Out

That’s kind of how it felt when I went to the creepy psychology department today. A winding corridor that feels like its going on forever, even though it’s really not and it ends in a door labelled Exit. Only you can’t get out through the exit door. I took some photos to help me write and fiddles them to look creepier.

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Location! Location! Location!

I’m not very good at settings. In fact, I suck, mostly. I just can’t picture all the details of the location and keep them in the same place. I’m fine with small rooms, but ask me to cook up a building, a city, a land and I end up with a sparse setting where random objects keep appearing and disappearing. Lands are the worst. I’m no good at Geography. Seriously, I thought Durham was down south (though to be fair, I thought it was posh so I assumed it had to be down south). But my solution is here at last! Sort of.

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Same Story, Different Version

Every narrator is unreliable to a degree. Let’s face it, they all have their own agendas and they all want to make sure they look good, no matter how honest they claim to be. It’s just a matter of working out how unreliable they really are. Course, you can’t really tell without a second narrator. And the more narrators, the more complicated it gets, but also the easier it is to find the truth. But mostly it’s more complicated.

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