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A Story in 25 Words

Hoping to start WIPpet Wednesdays as soon as my assessments have been marked (July time maybe), but in the mean time, here’s a 25 word story.

I never saw my mother cry, but as the monitors beeped and I awoke, she was the first and last thing I ever heard.


The Big Greek Brother Labyrinth

For what you are about to read, I am truly sorry, but hey, all that bad grammar and hideous ‘hip’ talk is in good fun.

*Warning! The following contains strong language themes which may be ideologically sensitive.*

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Flash Fiction!

A spot of flash fiction now. This was originally part of a longer piece about a serial killer that I never got around to actually writing, but I think I like it better like this.

*Warning! The following contains themes which may be ideologically sensitive.*

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The Minotaur: The First Offerings

Once upon a time, there was a mighty Kingdom by the name of Crete to which three brothers laid claim. One brother, Minos, prayed to Poseidon to send him a sign to prove that he alone was worthy of ruling Crete. Poseidon sent him a white bull with the condition that the bull be sacrificed to him once it had served its purpose.

But the white bull was a beautiful creature, far too beautiful to be sacrificed, so Minos thought. So, angry at this betrayal, the Gods placed a curse on Minos’ wife, Pasiphae, so that she began to lust after the magnificent bull. She convinced a great inventor, Daedalus, to build a hollow, wooden bull so that she could trick the white bull. This is how I was born.

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The Dragon’s Venom

It had taken ten long years for me to reach this moment. I was old, far too old for this task, but I had sworn an oath that day. The dragon’s venom seeped through my veins, the curse I brought upon my family. Had I not failed my task in the first place they might still be here, smiling, the dragon long dead and rotted into the earth.

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Jack Rabbit – A Rabbit’s Tail

A short extract from Jack Rabbit – A Rabbit’s Tail, the story of a young police rabbit sent on a suicide mission to retrieve an old rabbit from the Surface.

“Howl! Arrest those rats would you?”
Police Constable Jack Rabbit cuffed the wrists and hind legs of the young hare before him. The young idiot had fallen for the one trick every senior officer in Greater Warren knew. The best way to stop a young hare or rabbit in their tracks was simply to yell. Nature dictated that the youngster would play dead, making them easy to apprehend.

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Silence is Golden

Silence is golden. Those were the words engraved on a golden plaque above the library door; a plaque that the librarian herself had requested in order to remind her patrons what libraries were all about. She sat at her desk checking her stock on the old desktop, her eye twitching with every syllable a child pronounced as their parents encouraged them to read aloud. Row upon row of bookcases stretched out from the front desk. Brightly coloured tales of talking dogs and adventure beamed out from the front rows, whilst the more adult tales sat on high shelves hidden away from curious eyes. In one particular row, third from the front and sixth along, a young woman stood scanning the shelves with sharp eyes. Her companion stood beside her, all pretence of interest long since passed as he stared glumly into space. The woman reached up and selected a book and turned to her companion.

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