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More Plans to Ruin Your Childhood

We spend a good chunk of our lives in education, some more than others, then it’s on to the wonderful world of work. When I was three, I went to nursery school and we had story time and play time and some other times I don’t remember much. We didn’t learn in the academic sense. We did what children do. We played and we learned fundamental life skills through that playing, like sharing and communication skills. Nowadays they teach three year olds basic maths and English. Even the TV shows are teaching kids maths. When I was little, TV taught you how to be a good person and that was enough. There goes a little bit of your childhood kids.

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A Little Change Makes a Big Difference

Doing a degree in English and Creative Writing is probably the best thing I have ever done. Of course, two years ago when I switched courses from Chemistry with Nanotechnology to English there was debate and arguments over whether it was the right thing to do. “You could have been a scientist. You could have cured cancer!” Unlikely.

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