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Why Go Zombie?

Zombies. They’re like marmite, you either love the, or hate them. I, myself, am partial to a zombie every now and then, but only in small doses.
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A Limited Experience in Horror

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t really do horror. I’m naturally jumpy as it is (my hamster scared me to death the other day by very slowly standing up at the side of his cage) and on a good day I’ll be able to get through the night without feeling creeped out by the bathroom mirror. Mirrors, ugh…

As a result I have a limited experience in horror films and even books (Dementors were much scarier on paper, thank you very much), but like most of the human race I want to watch something scary, possibly just to say I’ve done it. This is often a mistake. This is just a handful of ‘scary’ movies I’ve watched and sometimes regretted.

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Location! Location! Location!

I’m not very good at settings. In fact, I suck, mostly. I just can’t picture all the details of the location and keep them in the same place. I’m fine with small rooms, but ask me to cook up a building, a city, a land and I end up with a sparse setting where random objects keep appearing and disappearing. Lands are the worst. I’m no good at Geography. Seriously, I thought Durham was down south (though to be fair, I thought it was posh so I assumed it had to be down south). But my solution is here at last! Sort of.

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