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I am the Destroyer of Souls

Today my younger sister came to visit. Her hamster died last week and she was pretty down, as you can imagine so I suggested she come to my house for a day of films. After a lot of faffing trying to sort out days and times when my Dad could drop her off on his way to work and then pick her up again on his way home, we settled on today…around eight o’clock. I’m not a morning person and though I agreed to be up and dressed before she arrived I did end up answering the door in my pyjamas. But hey, to me ‘a bit before 8’ means ‘about 7.45’ not twenty-five past seven. It probably didn’t help that, despite deciding to go to bed early, I ended up going to bed at half 1 after two hours of scrolling through Tickld and half an hour of solitaire. Then around 2 am my brain decided to wake me so that I could hallucinate a towel on my bed and freak out. So I was tired.

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Location! Location! Location!

I’m not very good at settings. In fact, I suck, mostly. I just can’t picture all the details of the location and keep them in the same place. I’m fine with small rooms, but ask me to cook up a building, a city, a land and I end up with a sparse setting where random objects keep appearing and disappearing. Lands are the worst. I’m no good at Geography. Seriously, I thought Durham was down south (though to be fair, I thought it was posh so I assumed it had to be down south). But my solution is here at last! Sort of.

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