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Using the Little Grey Cells

If there’s one thing I love it’s a murder mystery. I almost hosted a murder mystery dinner party once, but I couldn’t get anyone on board to be the suspects and victim. I love sifting through the clues that the writer has carefully left for us in order to work out who committed the crime. Of course, I never get it right.
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Awkward Love Triangle Appeared!

When it comes to writing love interests I like to have everything planned before hand, so with War for the North my main character, Lind, had two love interests: Guth, her silent bodyguard, and Colm, the knight. It was going well, the plan was she’d be in love with Guth until she found him with a prostitute at which point she would fly into a rage and make plans to humiliate him. After a long hard think about her life, she would fall for the charms of the handsome and loyal Colm. That was the plan anyway.

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