Using the Little Grey Cells

If there’s one thing I love it’s a murder mystery. I almost hosted a murder mystery dinner party once, but I couldn’t get anyone on board to be the suspects and victim. I love sifting through the clues that the writer has carefully left for us in order to work out who committed the crime. Of course, I never get it right.

Poirot is my favourite. I’ve watched a lot of the David Suchet adaptations and I’m looking forward to Curtain, which will be airing later this year. I love his mannerisms and his moustache (yeah, mainly the ‘stache) and Murder on the Orient express was my favourite so far. It’s the only one I’ve managed to solve before Poirot told me the answer and it had one of Poirot’s greatest ever monologues. Marple I like a lot less. I’ve only seen two episodes, newer one because I tried to watch an older one and got really bored in the first ten minutes, but Marple never seems to do anything. In A Murder is Announced (which I will be studying next year) the police detective (Alexander Armstrong) does most of the sleuthing while Marple, I dunno, knits?, and then she comes along at the end and solves the murder like she’s been had the information the whole time. I’m not buying it, although Marple is really adorble.
I wanted to write my own sleuth. Percival Barnaby (or just percy or perce) an eccentric scotsman with a brilliant mind and an addiction to coffee (to be played by Robert Carlisle in the TV adaptation). I have the first murder in my head with notes on my iPad. It’s called Cruise on the Styx, for now anyway, and this is my synopsis or premise or whatever;

When an obnoxious and abusive father is found dead in is cabin, everyone becomes a suspect. With red herrings and false evidence all around, only Percival Barnaby, amateur detective extraordinaire, can sift through the red herrings and apprehend the murderer.


One response to “Using the Little Grey Cells

  1. Hercule Poirot is my favorite fictional character, period!

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