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Introduction to Lord Arwell Hallworth

I really got into writing Arwell’s biography. As it turns out he’s far more interesting than Colm who is starting to look very boring. Shame. He has a very sad life, but he handles it all well…mostly…

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Important Characters in War for the North

When you’re writing a fantasy you end up with a lot of characters with a lot of unusual (and occasionally stupid) names. It can get confusing and difficult to keep track of; Prince Robert has gone through at least three different names, only one of which I can remember. So I put them into this handy table so I can keep track of them, along with their roles in the world. So far I only have the generally important characters, but the rest will follow eventually (when I actually write about them).

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Introduction to Ser Colm Brett

I really love this guy’s name. I really, really do. Colm is from War for the North and will be a main character alongside Lind Farstrider, Kalder Mallory and possible others.

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Introduction to David Blake

Just a quick bio for David Blake from my psychological crime thriller (ish) Confession. This is the one I’m having all the trouble with.

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Introduction to Lind Farstrider

What better way to start the Character Bio collection than with a new character I’ve been toying with for my un-named fantasy (gotta be something about the North in there, or the South). Feel free to use the template. It’s pretty basic, but I like that better than half-a-million questions.

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