Procrastinating: Jess Style

In the last few weeks I actually did quite a lot of work on various projects and I felt pretty good about it. That time is gone now. Thankfully, one of my assignments is a few tweaks from being as finished as it’s ever going to get and I have a choice to make between two pieces for my other assignment, but, I should still be finishing them. Instead I chose to have the weekend off. Why? Because Fable 2 happened.

I’ve been playing it since Friday and, like when I played Fable 3 I’m a little addicted. I’m on the verge of meeting Reaver (voiced by the awesome Stephen Fry) and I really want to finish it this time. My favourite character is Hammer, even though when she was supposed to be fighting she ended up doing bugger all because I was standing too far away from the enemies (I wasn’t hiding, I just prefer ranged attacks). And once again I started to remember why I hated the game last time I played it. What with the dog alternating from nearly wetting itself in its eagerness to show you a digspot/treasure chest to showing you a treasure chest just as you’re opening it and that Gargoyle in Bowerstone Market that I just cannot find for the life of me, I get pretty frustrated sometimes. It’s not my fault, I just happen to be a slightly aggressive gamer. However, unlike when I played Fable 3, my house mate has not said “Jess, stop shooting backwards you’re getting the shit kicked out of you.” which may have happened once or twice last year.

It’s a good little game. I mean, it doesn’t revolutionise gaming as its creators boasted it would (might have given themselves a little too much credit), but it’s good. It’s funny, the characters and lore are well thought out, the gameplay isn’t bad, the ideas are sound and the voice actors are awesome. You’ve got Stephen Fry as Reaver, Zoe Wanamaker as Theresa, Julia Sawalha as Hammer and Ron Glass as Garth and then Fable 3 adds even more great British names to the list (except for Ron Glass who is American). One last thing… Gnomes Rule!


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